The dance

2008, installation, slide projection, superimposed super 8 film.

A raw elegy

You know I couldn’t care less about
the therapeutic aspect of traditional laments as
a bridge between the living and the dead, or,
their potential authority over the rites of death
the moral center of our being
the ancient musical antiphonic structures
the communal expression of emotions
the self-mutilation and the madness as
a poetic expression of grief
the context of the social process and
the interrupted social relations
the funeral industry
the folk mimesis and
the pathetic mourners in Greek tragedy
And, of course I wouldn’t pretend
to analyse symbolic systems and
aristocratic clan cults, or,
to resolve irreconcilable oppositions between
passion and reason
feeling and thinking
Eros and Thanatos
cleos and pathos
ecstasis and possession
sacrifice and retribution
chaos and order
physical and mental
elegy an lament
affect and cognition
I just shouldn’t let you leave “unwept” and forgotten…
That’s why I became a grave-robber for you, Yolanda.
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