2006, 35mm diascope projection.

I have chosen to present a true story of children stealing flowers from graves and selling them to night clubs, in a form of photo sequence diascope projection. The original use of the apparatus was the projection of 35mm slides of children’s fairytales. The toy projector is used as a direct point of reference to lost innocence, to a fast forgotten childhood. The black and white distorted pictures soften the edgy subject.

The aim wasn’t just to narrate a story or to present it in a strictly documented journalistic way. My view, was the absolute tolerance to a perfect recycling, to the eternal succession of life and death, to the force of the premature adolescence: an act of acceptance and complicity. After all, both sides have been transgressional - me trespassing the cemetery fully equipped and the children stripping the tomb…
A sequence of the same images was shown stereoscopically through 3D view master adoption.