2007, video installation, hairdresser’s casque, cybermaxxx projector.
London Games Fringe (2007)

Once more I wanted to create a certain situation or environment that the viewer has to live and experience through more than one senses, addressed to a more kinesthetic than visual approach.

Based on the ideas of surveillance and repression, I have used a hairdresser’s casque as an element of an easy first reading attraction, activating the existing timer and the air flow. A 3D CYBERMAXXX console, a past generation virtual reality apparatus is attached to the front of the casque, just in front of the viewer’s eyes, who once entered is trapped, having to confront the 3D image of an eagle looking at him and suddenly attacking his eyes. The reference to the myth of Prometheus who was bound and eternally tortured by an eagle was direct.

When I went to the Zoo to film the scene, I expected to confront a ferocious, aggressive creature. Instead, it was just a meeting of two beings secluded in opposite sides, looking at each other for hours. No heroic reactions, just two pathetic and bored performers.
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